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Vendor Compliance Retail Vendor Compliance Supply Chain Vendor Compliance

Vendor Compliance Retail Vendor Compliance Supply Chain Vendor ComplianceVendor Compliance Retail Vendor Compliance Supply Chain Vendor Compliance

Local, Regional, National, International

Championing supply chain relationships since 1993.

For customers/buyers and vendors/sellers, I work with organizations to define, develop, and document vendor compliance requirements to enable the interaction between supply chain partners.  This reduces costs, improves engagement,  increases efficiency, and decreases risk within supply chain relationships.  

Vendor compliance engagements also highlight internal enterprise improvements to operations and software systems. 

Expertise in retail (a specialty!), pharmaceutical, medical products, publishing, marine, electronics, government, and other verticals.  

Experience in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), B2B, B2C, and end-to-end operations. 


Improving your down-stream supply chain relationships with your vendors increases initiative adoption rates, speeds initiative adoption time frames, improves visibility, reduces operating costs due to variations, mitigates risk, and provides more insights into supply chain activities. 


Becoming a less disruptive supply chain vendor partner (manufacturer, distributor, 3PL) is an anti-competitive strategy where execution is everything.  The supply chain requirements your customers - or your clients' customers - mandate can be used to improve your own business operations, transforming a cost into an investment.  Optimizing down-stream supply chains using vendor compliance increases performance, lowers costs, and improves visibility.